Founded by Sarah Wallace, Olive Tree Projects was created to help children in Haiti.  We believe that mothers and families are the best providers for their children. Maternal mortality, unwanted children, and poverty are all reasons why children end up in orphanages.  Our goal is to prevent the need for orphanages and keep children in a family. 


Sarah, a certified midwife, moved to Jacmel in 2008.  She knew it would be important to live in the community, build relationships, and establish her reputation.  In the first year, Sarah instituted educational classes on nutrition, hygiene, and information on pregnancy for the people of the community. She was the midwife for numerous mothers in the area, providing prenatal care and assisting in the delivery of their babies.  Eventually, in 2010, Olive Tree Projects opened a maternity center. 


In 2013, Tania Laviades, a Canadian midwife, joined Sarah in Jacmel.  Tania has become the head midwife at the center, taking on the responsibility of training new midwives and insuring we maintain high-quality maternal care.  


Over the years we have offered temporary foster care to babies, children and teen mothers. A couple of the girls have remained a permanent part of the OTP family, living with Sarah since 2010.  The Mangine family have been close friends of Sarah's since 2009.  They began a small foster home, giving a family to several children who were without.  Sarah's girls, and the Mangine's foster children have been friends for years.  As friends, Sarah and the Mangines would often assume responsibility for each others organizaitons while the other was traveling out of country.  In recent months it has been decided that the Mangines will move back to the USA, and OTP will continue to manage their foster family. 




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