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Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. In Jacmel, the public hospital only has the capacity to deliver a quarter of the births in the city and its surrounding communities and, therefore, many women deliver at home. According to a study done by UNICEF, only %40 of births in Haiti are attended by a skilled health professional and a similar number of woman receive consistent prenatal and postnatal care

At Kay Akouchman (Birth House) we provide a safe, clean place for labour and delivery, as well as offer prenatal, delivery, and post delivery care. We believe that by providing complete prenatal care we can reduce maternal mortality in our community and help keep children with their families

Through weekly education classes and providing holistic care, we aim to empower mothers with knowledge and skills that will give them the confidence to care for their children 

We also provide family planning options of condoms, the pill, and the depo-provera shot. We have started training to be able to administer IUD’s and hope to be able to offer the service by 2019

Our medical staff consists of 2 certifies Haitian midwives and 4 Haitian nurses/midwife assistants. The supportive staff consists of a secretary, a cook, cleaning lady, laundry lady, and chauffer 




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