Jean Louis


April 2017 update:

Jean Louis is such a success story. He's the most well-rounded, kind, hard-working, generous kid around. We always have a fun time hanging out and just telling stories and laughing our heads off.


Jean Louis is in 9th grade. He admits that he's struggling. The thing I think is funny is that he's struggling the most in English. Which I think is hilarious because he grew up for 6+ years with several English speakers.


Jean Louis is always finding ways to improve himself-- whether it's through work, learning to ride a moto, taking music lessons, or taking a baking class-- he's pretty great.

Thanks for your care for him and your sponsorship.


Older updates on Jean Louis:

Jean Louis, birthday- December 1, age16
Shortly after joining the foster family in 2009. Jean Louis started a garden in our yard. It was a small garden. Not much grew. But he worked hard, a few hours each day. We weren't sure how to feel about it. We knew he had come from a home where he was forced to work. And we knew that work was gardening. We didn't want him to feel like he had to work in our home as well. But one day, as he was sweating and smiling in the dirt and the heat, he turned to one of us and said "I used to work because I had to. Now I work because I want to."
He loves to work. Over the past few years Jean Louis has raised goats, he joined an agriculture co-op, he's raised Chickens, and he started taking music classes. And now he makes and sells popcorn in his spare time too! Jean Louis is always the first person you turn to when you want something done. He'll do it. And he'll do it well. We're so proud of him.
In addition to all his extra-curricular activities, Jean Louis is still pursuing school and doing well. But more of his learning the past few years has come outside of a school building. He's grown in empathy as he's cared for people in need. He's grown in understanding as we've walked through some really hard decisions together. And he's grown in his ability to express himself to others. We often are on the receiving end of his words of encouragement.
A couple of years ago we made the choice to move Jean Louis from the foster home out into a Haitian foster family in the community.  Because Jean Louis is a true orphan, we felt the need to get him plugged into a strong Haitian family where he could receive support and encouragement for years to come, beyond what we were able to provide.  The family that he lives with is an upstanding family in the community, and his foster dad has been mentoring Jean Louis for years now.  We provide the family a stipend for their care of Jean Louis, and we continue to provide for his basic needs like food, clothing, and schooling.  This has been an amazing arrangement and we look forward to seeing the man Jean Louis will become.  We cannot imagine our lives without him!


Jean Louis when he first joined the foster family at age 12
Jean Louis is our designated party decorator. He's great at using plants and leaves to create beautiful scenes.
Jean Louis hitching a ride on the back of the moto when we were moving into our new home.


If you would like to help sponsor Jean Louis, please visit our donation page and sign up for a monthly donation of at least $32.00. (Please designate Foster Care, Jean Louis.)  Once you're enrolled, we will mail you a recent picture of Jean Louis, and give you access instructions to a private Facebook page for his donors only.  On this page, you will see some pics of day-to-day life, hear little stories about Jean Louis as they happen, and even be able to ask questions.  
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