April 2017 update!

When we began our initiative to reintegrate our Haitian foster children into Haitian homes, Sanndi was fortunate that she has an aunt who, with support, was able to accept the responsibilty.  It is always preferable for us to connect the kids back with their birth family, if possible.  Sanndi's progress in her new home has been fantastic. She went from being at the top of her class in her school nearby where we lived, to being at the top of her class nearby her aunt's house.


Sanndi has recently been reunited with an older sister who is in her 20s. The older sister recently had a baby and so Sanndi has moved in with her for a few months to help with the baby. Sanndi is so grown, and such a great helper for her sister.

Bright, confident, capable, and social, Sanndi has become such a wonderful young woman!


Older updates on Sanndi!

Sanndi, birthday July 11 , age 14
Sanndi is a bright young woman with a big personality.  She is a “joiner.”  Some might see that as a weakness, but we don’t. The world needs more “joiners.” They just need to join the right groups. This is what we’re working toward with Sanndi.
Sanndi is very social and outgoing, (some might say loud), and she connects with with lots of people. While many of the other girls in the house are content to listen to music, read, or hang out by themselves, Sanndi usually wants to start something. She’s out talking with kids in the neighborhood about the latest soccer matches, or she's planning a game or a dance party. Last summer she was my partner in translating the game “Apples to Apples” into Creole. She also loves attending church and singing in the youth choir.
We know that Sanndi is going to need a strong community as she grows. While we can provide that for her for now, as she grows and begins to integrate into society, there will come a time where she’ll need to rely on her Haitian biological family for that community. She is not in contact with her mother (since a young age), but her aunt lives in Jacmel, and we have been working on getting to know her better. In addition to education and basic care, Sanndi's relationship with her aunt is one of our highest priorities for her.  It is our hope that we can nurture this relationship as Sanndi grows so that she can come to know, to rely on, and trust her biological family once again.
At school, Sanndi excels. She has gotten stronger every year and there is real hope that she will be able to continue past hight school and got to “university”. Because of the struggles of some of the older kids in the home, Sanndi may be the first to do this. We’re excited for her. But that’s still a long way off. For now, we’re just trying to keep her “joining” the right crowds.


Sanndi came into the foster home in 2010
Sanndi has asthma and often requires breathing treatments
Sanndi (in white) on her birthday in 2015


If you would like to help sponsor Sanndi, please visit our donation page and sign up for a monthly donation of at least $32.00. (Please designate Foster Care, Sanndi.)  Once you're enrolled, we will mail you a recent picture of Sanndi, and give you access instructions to a private Facebook page for her donors only.  On this page, you will see some pics of day-to-day life, hear little stories about Sanndi as they happen, and even be able to ask questions.  
Sponsorship donations are tax deductible in both the US and in Canada!
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