April 2017 update:

When we started our reunification initiative, we immediately turned to Wildarne's uncle, Titoutou to see if, with support, his family would be able to foster Wildarne (and her biological sister, Prisca).  The main challenge we were up against was that his home was very small and they just did not have the space to house Wildarne and Prisca.  However, thanks to some generous donors, we were able to help the girls' uncle build an addition on to his home specifically for the girls. 

Wildarne is doing very well with the adjustment to her new foster home.  She's been able to stay in the same school, so she's been able to keep most of her friends, and staying with her sister, Prisca, means that she didn't have to make this transition alone. 

Wildarne is currently in 7th grade.  She loves French and English the best, but doesn't care for science or math.  She says she likes helping around the house, especially cooking, where spaghetti is her specialty!


Older updates on Wildarne:

Wildarne, birthday- September 11, age 12
Wildarne is a naturally smart girl. Not necessarily school smart (especially in the way Haitian schools measure smart) but she picks things up really quickly. Like English. She doesn’t learn it in school. We’ve never given her classes. But she speaks English so well. There was one evening when I was serving up dinner. As I finished plating the first meal she said “well done”. I thanked her and handed it off to one of the other kids. Each plate she told me “well done” and I thanked until the last plate when I realized that she had actually just been demanding I give each plate to her (her name, Wildarne, is pronounced very similar to “well done”)— the problems of a bi-lingual home.
When you work kids who have experience significant loss and trauma you get used to dealing with drama. They experience it. They create it. Not so with Wildarne. Maybe it’s because she continues to have good relationships with her extended family. Maybe it’s because she’s always lived with Prisca, her older sister, but whatever the reason, Wildarne seems to connect with people in really healthy ways.
Wildarne is very introverted, much more so than the rest of the kids in the foster home.  She’s happy to be by herself, hang out in her room, watch movies, and just chill in the background.  In fact, sometimes, while walking between houses in our yard, she will go behind the houses so she doesn’t need to talk to people.  In a lot of ways, it seems that Wildarne is still figuring out who she is as a person.  (Aren’t we all?)  She’s yet to discover “her thing.”  She’s an extraordinarily beautiful girl, but she doesn’t even realize that.
Wildarne is silly, moody, and possibly the least dramatic pre-teen in the world. (A quality that will take her far!)  I can’t wait to see who she will be!
Wildarne (far right) when she first came into our care- September 2009
Wildarne has always had tons of spunk
For years, Wildarne's tiny stature earned her the nickname "Little Mouse"


If you would like to help sponsor Wildarne, please visit our donation page and sign up for a monthly donation of at least $32.00. (Please designate Foster Care, Wildarne.)  Once you're enrolled, we will mail you a recent picture of Wildarne, and give you access instructions to a private Facebook page for her donors only.  On this page, you will see some pics of day-to-day life, hear little stories about Wildarne as they happen, and even be able to ask questions.  
Sponsorship donations are tax deductible in both the US and in Canada!
If you have more questions, please feel free to email the Mangines at nickandgwenn@gmail.com.


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