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Over the years, Olive Tree Projects has taken in temporary foster babies, children, and teen mothers.  Two of the girls, Rosalinda (Dada) and Danaelle, have become permanent members of the OTP family and have been living with Sarah for over 5 years now.  Nick and Gwenn, close friends of Sarah, who started a small foster home nearby, have assisted Olive Tree Projects with foster care through the years.


Nick and Gwenn Mangine moved to Jacmel with their young children, not long after Sarah did. After 6.5 years in Haiti, they have decided it would be best for their family if the moved back to the USA.  To allow their foster family to remain intact, Sarah and her girls have moved onto the foster family compound.  In the past year, together with Nick and Gwenn, Sarah has overseen the transition of each of the foster kids into a permanent home situation within the Haitian community.  The foster families receive a stipend to care for the child which is paid for through sponsorship, and intentional contact is made with each child and family at least monthly.



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