Fritzie is amazing. She really, really is. Now a woman, and no longer in school, we are in our last two years of support for Fritzie. She is really on the cusp of launching into her own, grown life. Fritzie still works making juice for her business Smoothie Cubed. Additionally, Sarah has hired her to help around the house and be a daytime caregiver for the a foster baby that OTP has recently taken in.

Living expenses paid, and rent-free means that Fritzie has a chance to establish herself in life before launching on her own. She has a bank account and is saving money so that she can live on her own after next year.

Thanks for your continued support so we can "finish well" with Fritzie!

Older updates on Fritzie:

Fritzie, birthday-September 4, age 21
This girl (and I say girl fully realizing that she is 21 and a beautiful young woman) hasn't always had an easy life. She was 13 when she joined the foster home 7 years ago. But within days we realized she was actually 14. And then, a day later, she turned 15. Fritzie loves school. And she is tenacious. But starting school at the age of thirteen (she had very little education before coming into the foster home) makes it tough. Despite her struggles, she continued to move forward, grade by grade, until two years ago. Many students in Haiti struggle with 7th grade so we sat down and decided she should give it another try. But last year she got sick. In January she had a massive seizure. It took months to recover and by the time she did it was another lost year of school.
During her recovery, in anticipation of her being done with school, we started a business designed to provide employment for her. Through the spring and summer she worked hard and the business grew. As fall came and some of the work died down (it's a juice business which is dependent on the seasons) we were planning on her return to school but she had other ideas. She used nearly all the money she had earned from 6 months of work and paid for tuition, books, and uniforms for her to enroll in 7th grade again. I'm proud of her tenacity.
That all being said, just like last year at this time. We're dreaming about life after school for Fritzie. It's a hard thing to figure out. In Haiti, young people typically live with their families well into the 20's. They typically don't move out until they get married. But they become an adult and contribute to the family, long before they move out. We're trying to model that with Fritize. We're still supporting her completely, but asking her to contribute more through work around the house, paying for her education, etc. 
Fritzie is a hard worker. In addition to school, and her responsibilities around the house, and her business, she has recently taking on the responsibility, along with Danaelle of caring for our youngest, Schneider. Fritizie has always had special bond with Schneider, now 5. He calls her "ti manman" (little mommy). And she fits right into his world along with his biological and adopted mothers.
Transitioning out of foster care anywhere is hard. It's especially difficult in Haiti where this is a lack of government support. Very few organizations have tackled this problem in Haiti. Fewer have been successful. Thanks for your support as we find a beautiful way forward for our beautiful Fritzie.



Fritzie on the day she came into our home in 2009
High up in the kenep tree picking fruit with Nick
Fritzie hanging out listening to music, getting ready to go dump the trash

If you would like to help sponsor Fritzie, please visit our donation page and sign up for a monthly donation of at least $32.00. (Please designate Foster Care, Fritzie.)  Once you're enrolled, we will mail you a recent picture of Fritzie, and give you access instructions to a private Facebook page for her donors only.  On this page, you will see some pics of day-to-day life, hear little stories about Fritzie as they happen, and even be able to ask questions.  
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