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The Olive Tree Projects’ maternity center (called Kay Akouchman in Haitian Creole)  is situated just outside of Jacmel, Haiti. The public hospital only has the capacity to deliver a quarter of the births in Jacmel and its surrounding communities and, therefore, many women deliver at home. We provide a safe, clean place for labour and delivery, as well as offer prenatal, delivery, and post delivery care. We believe that by providing complete prenatal care we can reduce maternal mortality in our community and help keep children with their families.



Sarah Wallace and Tania Laviades are both certified midwives, and work together to manage the center.   Sarah takes care of the administration, while Tania ensures that the quality of care is maintained.  Our clinical staff include a Haitian midwife, an assistant, and three nurses that are training under Tania to be midwives.  


Women receiving care at our center are required to attend classes throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period.  The subjects include the anatomy and common discomforts of pregnancy, labor and delivery preparation, breastfeeding,  nutrition, infant nutrition,  infant development, how to make baby toys, and physcosocial development. Although classes generally begin with a group of shy and quiet women, by the end of most classes, women are sharing stories, laughing and enjoying each others company.



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