Smoothie Cubed was started out of a desire to create a job for one of the children aging out of the foster home and to begin to provide financial independence to the home itself.


Fruit is abundant in Haiti. But, when it's in season it's very hard to sell because of its abundance. The price for any in-season fruit will practically be zero. Out of season, that fruit is unavailable or the prices are too high for most people to afford. There is a huge opportunity to help the local agriculture market by finding a demand for fruit in season and a supply of fruit out of season.

At the same time, juice is one of the most popular ways to consume fruit in Haiti. But juice is difficult to make, requiring market shopping in the morning, processing after that, and keeping the juice fresh all day.



Smoothie Cubed fills all of these needs. We buy fruit in season, process that fruit into concentrated juice, and freeze it to preserve until purchase and, eventually consumption. Our customers only need to add water and blend in order to drink or sell natural fruit juice.


We currently have one client that purchases large wholesale orders of the cubes, and a few regular clients that purchase blended smoothies.  The plan is to expand by seeking out more wholesale clients, and by opening a small restaurant in our neighborhood to provide nutritious and affordable snacks and smoothies. 


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